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Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach Wedding Photographer, Larry Tallis Combining Traditional and Contemporary Photography For Your Special Day

The very first wedding I photographed was the result of an offhand comment—"if you take a good picture of me and my wife, I'll let you photograph our daughter's wedding" - made to me while I was volunteering as a photographer at a Temple Journal event. I did, they did, his daughter and her fiancé did—and fast forward thirty plus years later and I'm still photographing what is arguably the most important day of many people's lives, their wedding.

Working with that original family was an unexpected blessing. Countless recommendations from them and many, many others still have my phone ringing. What worked for me back then and is just as important to my clients today, is my ability to blend into the occasion - always cognizant that my role is not to direct but rather to capture.

Results matter. My clients expect and deserve fresh, sophisticated photographs, albums and videos and I meet and in most cases, exceed their expectations. For many of my original clients, I'm now into third and fourth life cycle of family events. It's been a true joy to photograph weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and yes, repeat them time and again with the same family. Happily, my work has always sold itself. Take a look at my photo gallery at Tallis Photography.